Wednesday 21 March 2012

Mounting SAN Volumes As Read Only

Hi everyone,

I currently have an IBM V7000 and unfortunately you cannot present volumes to hosts as read only

This creates a huge issue for me because my support team have access to my backup server. Image if they accidentally formatted one of my VMFS datastores. I would lose everything and have a heart attack.

Use the following commands from DiskPart to ensure that any volume you present to your Windows backup server are read only. Also ensure that you turn auto mount and scrub off. Information can be found here. Be sure to check the register to ensure auto mount is disabled  

AutoMount disable
Automount scrub

Next present your volume to your backup server and you should see them in disk management

Within diskpart use the following commands:

select disk 1
attributes disk set readonly
Disk details
As you can see it is now read only. If your using multiple fibre cards the disk will display twice so be sure to do both.

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