Monday 19 November 2012

Preferred command when provisioning vPro systems using SCS

Hi All,

When I set-up SCS and provision a fleet of vPro systems I like to see the systems in the the SCS Database.

To see them in the database, when you export the XML profile, be sure to tick the last option Put locally configured device in Admin Control Mode. I also put the systems in admin control mode because I want to leverage from the features that are only available in admin control mode. Check the difference out here 

Below is an example of the command that can be used to to configure the systems:

ACUConfig.exe /verbose /lowsecurity configAMT Profile.xml /decryptionpassword P@ssw0rd

When you export the profile be sure to tick the last option to ensure the device goes into admin control mode and shows up in the SCS Database

Cannot establish a handle to the Intel(R) Management Engine Interface driver. Access is denied. (5)

Hi All,

If you are receiving the following error when you try to provision a vpro system using SCS and ACUConfig.exe, it will most likely be due to the fact the UAC is on and you are not running the command as an administrator.

 ACU Configurator, Category: Exit Source: Src\ActivatorMain.cpp : wmain Line: 1096: ***********Exit with code 83 - The Intel(R) Management Engine Interface driver is not installed or cannot be accessed. 

When I deploy the package from SCCM I use a task sequence that allows you to use the Run As feature

WMI Access Denied error when provisioning a vPro system with SCS and ACUConfig.exe

Hi all,

If you are receiving the following error when you try to provision a vpro system it will most likely be due to WMI permissions.

2012-11-20 12:19:25: Thread:1584(ERROR) : ACU Configurator , Category: ConnectServer Source: Src\WMIAccess.cpp : ConnectToNamespace Line: 146: A call to this function has failed - (0xc000278b) (Access denied-2147217405)

The command I am using to configure the system is as follows:

ACUConfig.exe /verbose /lowsecurity ConfigViaRCSOnly IPAddressofServer Profile  /WMIuser domain\useraccount /WMIuserpassword P@ssw0rd

You can verify that it is a WMI permissions issue by logging onto the system with the account you are trying to configure the system with and performing a WMI Test
  • Run Wbemtest by going to Start => Wbemtest 
  • Click on Connect
  • Type in \\Your_Server\root\intel_RCS in the NameSpace location. Change Your Server to your SCS server 

If you get the above access denied error you have a WMI permissions issue.

To resolve the issue follow the steps below:
  • Log onto your SCS Server and load wmimgmt.msc. Right click on WMI Control (Local) and select properties

  • Select the Security Tab 

  • Make sure the account you are using to run ACUConfig.exe has the following permissions on all four namespaces.
    • Execute Methods
    • Full Write
    • Remote Enable

Intel has documented the required permissions in the SCS user guide on page 46