Wednesday 23 May 2012

Installing Citrix License Server On A 2008 R2 Cluster.

Hi All,

A recent client project required the Citrix License Server to be implemented within  a 2008 R2 cluster.

To ensure High Availability the license server needs to be clustered as well as the web interface and vDisk's

The process is pretty straight forward. I followed this article provided by Citrix.

In step 6 my command looked like this:
msiexec /i C:\TEMP\LS\ctx_licensing.msi CTX_CLUSTER_RESOURCE_DLL_PATH="C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ctxlic" REGISTER_CTX_LS_CLUSTERING="Yes" /l*v "C:\install.log"

I did recieve this error at Step 2.

After checking the logs I found it was looking for D drive as the install location. My D Drive was a CDROM and the install process could not write to it.

If you mount a drive as D drive you can then change the location later in the install process. 

Further checking I found that you need to move all shared drives to the node you are installing it on. It must be remembering the last install location or someting.

Hope this helps you

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