Thursday 18 August 2011

SCUP & SCCM & Vendor Updates

Hi Everyone,

One of the battles I have when installing SCCM for clients is convincing them to use SCCM instead of WSUS to manage updates.

I must admit, I have never used WSUS by itself. SCCM has many out of the box benefits that include centralised management, efficient remote distribution and customised reporting. However, it may require more administration then WSUS as you need to distribute the package to your Distribution points and manually clean deployment packages.

Well today I know another great reason why to use SCCM to manage updates. With the Integration of System Center Update Publisher 2011 (SCUP) you can now manage third party software updates.

For free, you can manage Adobe, HP, and Dell updates. If use the SCUPdates from shavlik you can manage many more third party vendor updates.

You can use Kent Agerlund’s blog to download and configure SCUP:
To get SCUPdates check out this link
To see a list of supported applications check this out
If you going to use the automatic updates feature this link is a must

Have fun. I’m glad I discovered this product.


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  1. FYI the link in " • If you going to use the automatic updates feature this link is a must" is missing the h in http