Thursday 25 August 2011

Shadow Protect Versus Stand Alone Task Media from SCCM

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Shadow Protect is one of the best products I have used to recover systems and migrate to new hardware. It’s also an absolutely fantastic product for imaging new PC’s.

In an IT business it’s an efficient way to deploy operating systems for clients with their SOE. The process looks something like the following:

Boot from Shadow Protect IT edition
Apply Images
Install Drivers
Activate Office & Windows 
Join to Domain

Each PC will take about one hour and it’s hard to do multiple systems at the same time because it does require a lot of user interaction. 

I’ve often had conversations with IT consultants as to why SCCM it a superior solution to deploy client images. I lacked the justification, until I found out about Stand Alone Task Media.

This is how the task looks when using SCCM

Boot from USB
Type in Password
Type in Computer Name

The benefits are:

The task sequence will take care of everything including applying updates and joining to the domain.
The process can take as little as 20 minutes
The process requires minimal user interaction and can be performed by a user.
You can do as many systems as you want 
You can have a task sequence for all of your clients
You do not need to setup SCCM at each of the client sites.

Investing in SCCM infrastructure is investing in a profit for your organisation. 

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