Friday 31 August 2012

A cheat sheet that may help you fast track the change control required to implement SCS in your environment

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This list may help you fast track the change control that may be required in your environment for the implementation and integration of Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) to activate your Vpro systems with SCCM.

I am referring to the User Guide and Deployment Guide from version 8.1 and can be downloaded here.  The SCCM integration guide is available here. I am referring to version 12.

Suggested tasks required for change control:
  • Page 31: (User Guide) - Creation of a user account with local administrator rights on the SCS Server.  (Intel.SCS)
  • Page 35: (User Guide) - Creation of SQL Database. The database is automatically created during the install process. The account selected to install the database must have dbcreater and securityadmin rights. I suggest you use the same user account as above to install and access this database.
  • Page 46 (User Guide) -  Set the required DCOM permissions for the user account created
  • Page 48 (User Guide) -  Set the required WMI permissions for the user account creat
  • Page 84: (User Guide) - Within the SCS profile you need define an Access Control List (ACL) that has access to use the Vpro features. An Active Directory Security Group is usually required to delegate this control. You can also use an already created security groups.
  • Page 170: (User Guide)  - Creation of a new certificate template and issuing a new certificate type.
  • Page 181: (User Guide) - Option 15 must be set on the DHCP server and return the local domain suffix.
  • Page 184: (User Guide) - If you are not using a certificate authority such as GoDaddy to provision the systems, follow the steps from 186 to 189 to create a new template, issue a certificate and enter the certificate hash into the Intel MEBX. 
  • Page 22: (Deployment Guide) – Requesting, installing and exporting a certificate which is used to provision the systems.
  • Page 61: (Deployment Guide) – Creation of a new organisation unit for AD integration.
  • Page 61: (Deployment Guide) – Delegation of control of the organisation unit for the user created to run the SCS service.
  • Page 18: (ACI for MS SCCM User Guide v12) – Section 4.1 details the steps required to edit the SCCM MOF files (sms_def.mof and configuration.mof). This cannot be completed until all the scripts are executed within section 3.

Other requirements and notes that are not in the Deployment or User Guide are as follows:

  • An Enterprise CA with the Certification Authority and Certification Authority Web Enrolment roles is required. 
  • The vPro client must have the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver installed. They most likely already have it. They are available from a Windows update. 
  • When the systems are provisioned with Active Directory integration, a new AMT object will be created for every computer.  The details of the AMT object will be shown as Computer name$iME. $iME identifies this object as related to Intel Management Engine. 
  • Page 48 of the Deployment Guide shows you an overview of the systems that SCS require and interact with. 

I hope helps you fast track your SCS deployment Solution. 

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