Sunday 5 August 2012

Intel KVM control not working with Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Hey Everyone,

I was recently working on a project which included provisioning systems with SCS 8.1 and then integrating the provisioned systems with SCCM 2007.

The goal was to control the provisioned systems with the intergation tool provided by intel. You can download it from here.

Everything went well until I tried to control the systems with KVM View.

When I tried to control a system I was left with the following screen. I could power on/off the systems but could not contol the GUI of the system.

I also tried to control the systems with VNC Plus and recieved the following error:

I then tried to use the Manageabilty Commandor tool and it just stays at connect/abort

The Web Interface looked fine.

I decided to provision a system without TLS and I could control the system via IP address. I assumed the issue was with the certficates however it wasn't. The answer lied in enabling the standard port and using the RFBPassword

This took me about 3 days to work out. I hope it saves you the time.

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