Monday 19 November 2012

Cannot establish a handle to the Intel(R) Management Engine Interface driver. Access is denied. (5)

Hi All,

If you are receiving the following error when you try to provision a vpro system using SCS and ACUConfig.exe, it will most likely be due to the fact the UAC is on and you are not running the command as an administrator.

 ACU Configurator, Category: Exit Source: Src\ActivatorMain.cpp : wmain Line: 1096: ***********Exit with code 83 - The Intel(R) Management Engine Interface driver is not installed or cannot be accessed. 

When I deploy the package from SCCM I use a task sequence that allows you to use the Run As feature


  1. Hi Blair,
    I'm trying to provision machines using an SCCM package I created to execute the ACUConfig command line. I'm receiving 'access is denied' errors even though I added the 'SYSTEM' account to the WMI permissions for Intel SCS. Is there a way of having SCCM package provision machines other than running as another user?


  2. I found the solution for this and it was actually covered in the Intel SCS 8 Deployment Guide on pg 55-56 (although it doesn't specifically call it out). As SCCM uses the localsystem account to deploy software to doman machines, by adding \Domain Computers to the WMI security settings for Intel SCS components, it will then allow localsystem run the ACUConfig.exe on domain machines. Make sure to add it to DCOM group too as per instructions on those pages.