Monday 19 November 2012

Preferred command when provisioning vPro systems using SCS

Hi All,

When I set-up SCS and provision a fleet of vPro systems I like to see the systems in the the SCS Database.

To see them in the database, when you export the XML profile, be sure to tick the last option Put locally configured device in Admin Control Mode. I also put the systems in admin control mode because I want to leverage from the features that are only available in admin control mode. Check the difference out here 

Below is an example of the command that can be used to to configure the systems:

ACUConfig.exe /verbose /lowsecurity configAMT Profile.xml /decryptionpassword P@ssw0rd

When you export the profile be sure to tick the last option to ensure the device goes into admin control mode and shows up in the SCS Database


  1. Hey Blair,

    First off, thank you so much for your blog. It has been a real help with training and implementations. I am currently having two problems with trying to configure a client.

    1) The AMT device is not getting an IP address, it says after running a system discovery that the IP is (I have updated the BIOS and MEI drivers but no help).

    2)Might have to do with #1, but I keep getting "access code is invalid" when running "ACUconfig.exe ConfigViaRCSonly /WMIuser /WMIuserpassword ". I know the password is correct for the service account that I am applying here.

    Any ideas for this, I am at my wits end...Thanks ahead of time!


  2. Hey J,

    Can you email me the log file?

    Just so I know. Have you been able to configure any systems with your SCS profile?

    No Issues with DHCP?



  3. Hi everyone, In case you are wondering it was option 15 that was the issue.

  4. Thanks again Blair! It ended up being the DHCP Option 15 which we had to do a workaround with putting the FQDN of the provisioning server into the MEBX.


  5. Hello Blair, Is sccm 2012 able to control systems provisioned by scs with client control mode?